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So, we have two kids

On, this, the third anniversary of the day I proposed to Casey, I remembered we have this blog. And that I wrote about proposing to Casey.
Anyone who’s Facebook friends with me is aware that we’re not engaged any further. We’re married and have two lovely children – Annie and Liam.
It’s time to bring this blog back. I better talk to Casey first. 🙂


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This doesn’t even seem real.  In eight days, people will file into Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City and they will be handed a program with this as the cover.

Four years ago, I didn’t know Cassandra Michele Anderson existed. She was working with teenagers and helping them grow in their faith. I didn’t know all the good she was doing for this world, how funny she was or how brilliant she was either.

And, now I do and I’m so much better for it.



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Planning a wedding is one thing. Buying a home is a whole other ordeal.

Both are massive undertakings and Cassandra and I knew that from the moment we got engaged in July. We decided preparing for a wedding in five months was going to be a big enough challenge that we also didn’t want to dip into the Baltimore real estate market at the same time. Rending an apartment seemed like the best stepping stone before getting into mortgages. Separately, she and I have done apartment living before and we felt it was something we could do that would motivate us to spend our early married months looking to get a house.

We both take Catholic teachings seriously. So, one of us would live in the apartment and the other would eventually move in after the wedding. Ultimately, we decided that it would be best if I moved in. We marked the first week of November as the perfect time for me to be settled.

The plan was simple enough, but acting on it took effort. Quite simply, Cassandra and I procrastinated a bit. Things came up. Things got in the way and we put apartment-hunting on the back burner. Here’s a word of advice for people planning a wedding: time moves incredibly fast.

We finally kicked it into gear last week with two months to go before our wedding. We researched a bunch of apartment sites like Rent.com and went on a cross-Baltimore area tour last week. The goal was to find a place that makes our work commutes easier. I live in Bel Air and anyone who has ever traveled 95 South between Mountain Road in Harford County and White Marsh knows one day of that trip is enough. Sitting on the highway makes you wish flying cars were a reality. I’d settle for a jet pack.

We hit up Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County and Howard County apartment complexes and felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. We saw and heard the same thing all day long. All that was missing was Needlenose Ned asking if I was Phil Connors and I Got You Babe playing in background.

Has anyone ever noticed that all apartments, no matter where they are, smell the same in the stairwells? There’s an awkward combination of pea soup and carpet cleaner.

A day of frustration ended with some more fruitless searches on craigslist.com too.

A week went by and family and work events took precedence. We knew what we didn’t like and where we didn’t want to be, but we weren’t sure where we wanted to be either. We sat down to watch a movie last night and I got message from a friend with a description of a house for rent that sounded too good to be true. I immediately made a phone call to the couple renting the apartment and scheduled an appointment to see the house this morning.

Long story short, we think we might have found our place. It’s got so much of what we aimed for and more. The couple renting the house said they had prayed that a couple like us would be interested. There are still some things we need to do before it becomes a reality, but it seems like this could be it.

The best part? It didn’t smell like pea soup. Now, watch that first step, it’s a doozy.

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